Slide background Lithograph of the U.S. Soldiers' Home, 1863
Slide background Eagle Gate, early 20th century
Slide background Lincoln Cottage and Sherman Building, present day
Slide background Aerial view of campus looking south, c. 2000
Slide background Aerial view of campus looking north, 1921
Slide background Hospital complex, 1935
Slide background Scott Statue, placed on campus in 1873

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This database offers a new and exciting way to explore and manage the historic resources of the Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington. To get started, head to the MAP VIEW to see our resources and understand the layout of the AFRH-W grounds. Be sure to try out some of the historic maps that we have included as transparent overlays! To look for specific resources, or resources that wouldn't show up on a map (like photos or people), head to the SEARCH tab. Every page has built-in help in case you get stuck--just click the SHOW HELP link at the top of the page. Enjoy, and please contact our team if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.